Top Social Networks That Supply Free Advertising

Every business needs some form of advertising. For those that have smaller budgets, it can be useful to have some sources of free advertising. Social networks are great for this as they target a wide range of people but it's important to use the top choices that reach your target audience.
Top Social Networks That Supply Free Advertising
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Businesses of any kind or size need to market their goods and services. While the larger companies may have the budget for more expensive types of promotions, smaller businesses often don't. This is where the free advertising comes in. While some people have the opinion that these sources of free promotion don't work, it's actually quite the opposite. Depending on what you use and your target audience, you may be able to expand your business exponentially.

One great source of free advertising is through social networks. These platforms are able to help you reach millions of people. Your target may not

be global customers but when you use certain networks, you can reach your target market.

There are some top social networks that are often considered as the best choices. Using these options properly may assist you in reaching your goals. Here is a look at those top options.



This particular social network has millions upon millions of users. You have the option to use only your personal page for advertising or creating fan pages, business pages, and more. It's possible to share your posts with friends and family, thus expanding your reach. All of this you receive for free if you are willing to put the effort into posting the information and photos. This can be a great option whether you want to sell products and services locally, nationwide, or worldwide.


This option isn't suitable for everyone but if you can create some videos, it might just work. Yes, you need the videos so either you or someone else needs to create them. With the help of a video or webcam, this is fairly simple to do. In this way, you can post the videos of your products and services, reaching again, millions of people. It can, of course, be helpful to share the videos on Facebook and other forums, thus expanding your reach again and ensuring that more people find the video.


Twitter is one of those social networks that work better once you have more connections. Without connections you are limited. You also need to have those connections in the area where your target market is, otherwise, the advertising won't really work. However, if

you can do this, then you are set. You have the potential to reach the millions of users that are out there. You can post pictures, videos, and short messages. Now a lot of blogs have the sharing button so even if you want to share an actual blog post, you can do so. This site is very user-friendly and efficient when it comes to advertising.


This social network mostly pertains to the sharing of pictures. Therefore, it's a bit more difficult to advertise services unless you have photos of yourself and others providing the services, or images representing what you offer. Sharing products you sell may be easier and more suitable for this social network but it can work for either if you work it right. You also need to be sure that you have the connections you need based on your target market. 


This is a great site for sharing photos and articles. To catch the attention of your target market, it is usually better to have a great photo. Once you have this and a link, the visitors can check out the photo, site, article, and so on. This is a wonderful social network for individuals who are selling nationwide as it is a little more difficult to target a local market.


Getting The Most From Your Social Network Marketing

To get the most from your social marketing, take great photos. Represent exactly what you are offering. Be honest. Don't use deception to bring people in... they won't forget that and you will lose their trust. Choosing networks that are capable of reaching your target market. Spend the time required to achieve your goals. The time and effort will eventually pay off if you have what people want.

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  • miaomiao  14-07-2017
    In some cases I agree those sites have helped people do really well but lately I feel it is no longer the case. The biggest problem is that facebook, youtube etc... have grown too large just like the Roman empire at one point and now for new small businesses to be seen it is really hard. Even if you try the Facebook paid advertising which I have it yields almost no results because it does not seem to reach the best or most interested audience even if you try your best to set the options correctly. It also strongly depends on the content you are trying to sell or want people to see. Even if it is new and exciting and free to see I feel that especially facebook and youtube fail to promote my content as well as they should... the way I can tell is that when I do searches my content never quite seems to show up at the top of the list... always on the third or fourth pages where no one is going to look. If your content shows up or not I am guessing it depends on how many people viewed it as opposed to relevance and usefulness of the content so in many cases I feel those sites favor certain content more than others and I think many people use tricks to over inflate their views so that their content is more easily found but I have no idea how to do that. Any tips?
    reply 0
    • Writer31  17-07-2017
      I'm not really sure how to beat that. I know that some people actually pay others to give them traffic... it's not something I would recommend because it could backfire. I don't really know even how people falsely increase their views unless they use some form of software to do this. It would be those same people who would probably know how to overcome that. To get more real views, I would suggest planting more links if possible. Apparently the more high quality links you have out there, the better your pages will rank as well. Aside from the number of views, links, tags, and content are said to all help determine Google ranking and other stats.
  • archit  14-07-2017
    Nice article writer 31. I primarily rely on facebook only and it is good. Never tried YouTube as it requires video editing skills 😩. Google+ was quite good at one time but doesn't seem to be working for me nice article and keep posting. Will look forward to more articles from you. 👍
    reply 0
    • Writer31  14-07-2017
      Thanks for your comment archit. I think that's why a lot of people don't use YouTube... it does take video editing skills and tools. I haven't used it either for that reason and for the lack of video creativity!!
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