Legitimate Sources Of Online Work, No Fees No Experience

Online work is becoming more popular as companies reduce overhead and more people want to stay at home and earn an income. There are many scams out there but in among them, there are also some great opportunities. Here are some places where you can find legitimate online work.
Legitimate Sources of Online Work, No Fees No Experience
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There are many benefits to working online. You get to stay at home, often choose the hours your work, and you can look after your children if you have any. Of course, if you have medical issues that prevent you from working outside the home, the internet options provide you with a way of earning income.

Naturally, there are scams out there as well. These are created by people looking to take advantage of people looking for honest work. Unfortunately, these scams can ruin the reputation of online work. However, if you really want to work for money online, there are

some real opportunities. Here is a look at some of the legitimate sources of online jobs.

Please note, these sources provide the names of companies that are looking for workers either seasonally or throughout the year. The rates of pay vary.

Dream Home Based Work


This page includes various types of work, some of it may not be internet based. The page lists legitimate companies, some of which you may have heard of already. The work ranges from at home telephone mystery shoppers to online data entry workers.

Free Work At Home Guide


This page isn't the home page of this website but it's a good one to start with. There are at least 200 companies listed on this page alone that may be hiring. Again, the jobs range from phone work to those entering data for various businesses. There are loads to choose from.

Single Moms Income


This is not a website strictly for single moms, despite the name. However, it is a site that is filled with jobs suitable for single moms or those in similar positions. Some of the

companies posted are the same as those on the other websites mentioned.

Doing the Research

It is important to take the time to research the jobs that are out there. You don't have to pay to become a member to find legitimate jobs or have to pay fees to apply for these jobs. You may need to supply certain companies with a criminal record check or something similar. This is especially true if applying for work that deals with children or finances.

When you apply for a job of your choice, be sure to have a suitable resume handy as well as a good cover letter. If you are applying for writing jobs, it can be a good idea to have a sample ready to submit. Many employers require at least one sample of your writing.

Keep Up the Efforts

Remember, you will probably have to submit a few resumes before getting a response. Don't give up if you don't hear back right away. It may take days or even a couple of weeks to hear back from anyone depending on how many resumes they receive. 

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Legitimate Online Writing Work, No Experience Required