Are You Involved In A Pyramid Scheme?

MLM firms have become more popular. Unfortunately, not all of them are legal. The worst part is that you could be part of one and not even know it.
Are You Involved In a Pyramid Scheme?
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Multi-level marketing businesses, also known as MLM, have become more popular. This is partly because the people who start them are set to make the most money out of anyone. There are other reasons of course.

Individuals who join usually have mentors that help them gain more sales of whatever is being offered. The profits may be shared amongst the members, therefore everyone is supposed to make money. Naturally, with enough representatives, the business also gains a lot of unpaid promotion.

The unfortunate thing about the MLM company is that many of them are actually illegal. They are pyramid schemes. This means

that the person or people at the top make the most money. The majority of the people just starting out don't make anything at all. In fact, they end up spending more money than they earn.


So how can you tell if you are a part of an MLM pyramid scheme?

There are a few signs that the business you are involved with is, in fact, a pyramid scheme that you need to get out of as soon as possible.

*You have to be a member of the group in order to sell items

*You have to buy products in order to remain a part of the group as a member

*The products tend to be very overpriced in order to spread the profit out to other members, most of which goes to the top individuals


order to move up in the ranks, you are required to buy additional products

*You are not permitted to resell the products that you purchase as a part of your quota or you are only permitted to do so on a very restricted level

*The amount of profit you are able to keep does not cover your expenses until you arrive at a certain level of the pyramid

*When you ask for information, you eventually find that you really aren't finding it, at least to your satisfaction


Getting out of the MLM pyramid scheme

You may have invested a lot of money in the business you are working for. Chances are, if it's a pyramid scheme, you will need to invest even more. For this reason and others, it is important to get out of the scheme as soon as possible. Sometimes you will need to cut your losses and absorb the cost of the products you have already purchased. This result is better than losing even more money, trying to scam other individuals out of their own hard-earned money, or worse.

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  • jayaram. a.s  16-07-2017
    I was entrapped in one of the pyramid scheme. With lots of difficulty I managed to get rid of it, of course with a huge loss. Initial members only will be benefited
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    • Writer31  17-07-2017
      I'm so sorry to hear this, I am glad that you got out of it. These scams are a big problem unfortunately for many people.
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